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Meet the Team.

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Founder & CEO

Sal started Khan Academy in 2005 to help his cousins (and soon other people's cousins). In addition to setting the vision and direction for Khan Academy, he still makes a lot of videos (although he's not the only one anymore).

Sal holds three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.


Principal Architect

John designs and builds the frontend architecture, and infrastructure, of Khan Academy. He's worked on the CS platform, accessibility, internationalization, performance, and many other parts of the site.

John is the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, amongst a number of other Open Source projects, and the author of three books on JavaScript development.


Data Architect

Tom is the resident Khan Academy company historian, having witnessed its most humble origins and impressive growth. He now heads the Data Infrastructure team, enabling the team to use data to improve the product for learners all over the world.


Dean of Infrastructure

Craig is focused on the infrastructure that supports Khan Academy, from its databases to its developer tools.

Before joining, Craig worked for Google, where he was the first employee hired by Larry and Sergey.


Math Content Creator

Charlotte is an advocate of individually-paced learning and has applied that principal in her own life and throughout her teaching. She majored in puzzles and games for her first degree (although her Mary Baldwin College transcript calls it mathematics and computer science, and focused her M.Ed on mathematics and language arts for middle school students.

When she is not writing content for KA, Charlotte is an active member of her local Deaf community (although she is hearing,herself) and discusses theology or practices Spanish with her husband.


Software Engineer

Kevin is passionate about math, computing science, and education in general. He likes building new things and wants to help transform education.


Software Engineer

Kevin has been developing and managing software projects for a long time, most recently at Adobe and Mozilla. He has been involved in open source projects for more than a decade and is known for starting CommonJS and TurboGears.

Beyond the realm of software development, Kevin has written a series of children's fantasy novels.


Software Engineer

Jared came to Khan Academy after finishing his BS in CS at Brigham Young University. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, singing, and opining about how to make the world a better place.


Software Engineer

Sean's ridiculously excited to be working on education technology. He's been a security developer, an animation-tools specialist, a full-time traveler, a studious six-year-old, and a student at the University of Waterloo, in no particular order.

When he's not coding, he's probably seeking out nature, taking photos, cooking, or playing guitar.


India Country Manager

Sandeep heads Khan Academy in India and dreams of providing every kid an equal chance in life.

Prior to Khan Academy, Sandeep spent several years at IFC investing in companies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. He later founded an edtech startup that created communities for online learners in more than 80 countries, many more than he has traveled to.


Grammarian, Associate Historian, and Test Prep

Before coming to Khan Academy, David earned a B.A. in English Literature and Film and Media Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. After graduating, he served as the editorial director of an educational games publisher in Chicago, and as a producer, writer, and voice actor on a science fiction podcast.

Some of David’s hobbies include: podcasting, cooking, and board games of intermediate complexity. David’s favorite words: Fjord, balalaika, chthonic, chicanery, bumbershoot.


Tina is responsible for making sure that all the numbers go into the right buckets and that the number trains are operating on schedule. While she’s not at work, she is shuttling around her two kids from school to the ball field to the pitch.


Finance & Accounting Manager

Angela is responsible for day-to-day financial transactions, ensuring that the bills get paid and accounting for all the dollars and cents.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Angela worked in cash operations at First Republic Trust Company and taught English to children in South Korea. When she is not busy reconciling bank statements, Angela can be found paddling in a canoe or going for a run around the city.


Senior Math Content Creator

Lindsay studied Nonprofit Administration at the University of Notre Dame and sees her role with Khan Academy as the perfect marriage of her two professional passions: math education and the not-for-profit sector. Prior to Khan Academy, Lindsay taught secondary math and created graduate level coursework for math educators.

In addition to being an educator, Lindsay enjoys watching college football and basketball, running, and coaching four-year-old soccer.


Community Giving Manager

Lizzie works on the Philanthropy team as the manager of community giving. Lizzie is an avid open water swimmer and has competed in races on both US coasts.

Before joining Khan Academy, Lizzie worked at several museums in education, development, and visitor services. Lizzie holds a B.A. in Art History from Colorado State University and a M.A. in Museum Education from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Mobile Engineer

Nick takes ideas and turns them into code. He works at Khan Academy on mobile projects.

In his free time you’ll catch him hiking through the hills of California or in the kitchen cooking up something tasty.


IT Administrator

Anthony supports the staff at Khan Academy ensuring the technology is up to date and working reliably.

Before joining Khan Academy he worked in IT for 15 years implementing and supporting technology at public & private schools.

He has a passion for technology that started at an early age and built his first computer to play the latest games.

Learning new tech and solving problems are two things he enjoys. As a hobby he enjoys designing and programming iOS/Android games.


Community Support Manager

Laurie is a nerd for online communities, and at Khan Academy gets to work with one of the internet's finest.

Before Khan Academy, Laurie helped internal teams make sense of the strange and wonderful weirdness of internet communities at various gaming and social media startups. When she's not geeking out over the amazing ways that humans interact online, she can be found exploring some part of the world trying to collect good stories.


Executive Assistant

Cassey is a member of the small but mighty People Operations team at Khan Academy. She supports Khan's Product (Eng, Design, Content/PM) Leads and is usually the go-to person for any product-related offsites and events.

On the side, she likes to work on small design projects and has worked on a few for Khan. On top of that, she enjoys long distance running and cooking. And underneath it all, she's just a girl living in the moment.


Engineering Manager

Brian is a Full-stack Developer and Manager in Ann Arbor, MI who loves to hack and solve problems. He loves hard problems and learning new things.

Before joining, Brian worked in healthcare, education, research, load testing, military, and power management. When not hacking, Brian can be found riding his road bike, nerding out in the kitchen, camping, or goofing around with his kids.


Manager, Philanthropy

Paul covers Khan Academy’s relationships with foundation and corporate supporters. He came to Khan Academy after working in both for-profit and policy organizations. Outside of work, he likes to spend time hiking, skiing, reading, and doing the Sunday crossword. Paul holds a B.A. in international relations from Brown and an M.A. in international relations and economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.


Software Engineer

Nick is super excited to be working with the great folks at Khan Academy to improve education for everyone, everywhere.

His professional history includes starting small businesses and writing clean code at startups. He's a big fan of being happy, technology and how it can help the world, reading, tea, and all situations that provide backdrops for exceptionally long conversations (camping, hiking, or hosting dinner parties).


Software Engineer

Michael has joined Khan Academy after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to video games.

He likes dodging trees and sharks while mountain biking and scuba diving, respectively.


Senior Marketing Manager

Lauren leads marketing initiatives to spread the word about Khan Academy to people around the world. Prior to Khan Academy, Lauren developed marketing strategies for Woodside Hotels. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Communications from UC Davis and an MBA from UC Berkeley. In her spare time she loves cooking, reading, and watching Broadway musicals.


Senior Content Manager – Test Prep

Before joining Khan Academy, Dave ran a test prep and college counseling firm in New York, and worked with students all over the world.

Our goal is to be equal parts coach, mechanic, statistician and guru, occasionally with a little firefighter and comedian thrown in. We love helping our learners build their confidence and boost their scores with concrete techniques, strategies, and explanations that are warm, rigorous and candid. We hope to inspire our students to reach their targets and pursue their dreams.


VP of Khan Academy Kids

Caroline Hu Flexer leads the Khan Academy Kids team. Before Khan Academy, Caroline was the CEO and Co-Founder of Duck Duck Moose which joined Khan Academy in 2016. Duck Duck Moose is a creator of 21 award-winning educational apps with over 60 million downloads. Caroline also previously worked in product management and as a design consultant at IDEO.

Caroline has an AB in Architecture from Princeton, attended the Master in Architecture program at Harvard, and has an MBA from Stanford.


Design Director

Queeny leads the talented design team at Khan Academy Kids! She helps to bring the visual vision of Khan Kids’ educational experience and original characters to life, so that kids around the world can fall in love with learning.

Queeny has a multidisciplinary design background in graphic design, illustration, web, and animation. She has a BA in visual communications from UC Davis.


Program Manager

Lorraine is a program manager for Khan Academy Kids specializing in social media marketing and customer support for the Khan Academy Kids community.

Lorraine has spent 10 years in the field of children's educational apps as a tech blogger and marketer. She's delighted to support Khan Academy Kids - the world's best educational app for kids. In her spare time, she parents two teen girls and spends as much time as possible in the local mountains - sun, rain, or snow!


Senior Software Engineer

Philip is working on Khan Academy Kids, and he loves coding and developing valuable applications. He is working remotely from Changsha, China.


Senior Illustrator

Dave is an artist working on Khan Academy Kids creating illustrations and stories.

In his free time, he enjoys drawing, painting and going on adventures with his family. Dave collects vintage children's books and has illustrated a few children's books.


CTO Khan Academy Kids

Michael is the CTO and Architect of Khan Academy Kids. Previously, Michael was the CTO and Co-Founder of Duck Duck Moose, a creator of 21 award-winning educational apps with over 60 million downloads. He was also a founding architect at C3.ai and Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle, and a software engineer at Skydata and Gain Technologies.

Michael has a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.


Leader of District Partnerships

Dave leads a team focused on managing partnerships with school districts across the United States to support teachers and improve student outcomes.

Prior to Khan Academy, Dave was a high school math teacher in San Antonio and Redwood City. Outside of work, he enjoys visiting used book stores, exercising, and playing board / card games.


Lead Animator

Kim joined Khan Academy in September 2016, and now leads the Animation Team at Khan Academy Kids.

She enjoys using the arts to inspire learning and laughs. Before Khan Academy, she worked for TV production studios, including Bento Box Entertainment, Titmouse Inc., and DHX Media.

Kim also has fond memories of teaching after school classes through Root Division and the YMCA.


Sr. Financial Analyst

Odelia is super excited to be part of the Finance Team to help make sure all transactions, big and small, are accounted for accurately. Prior to joining Khan Academy, she was also working in finance at PG&E and Gap Inc.

Outside of work, Odelia enjoys reading, traveling to exotic and unexplored places, learning new things, visiting cute card and paper shops, admiring the color changes in leaves during fall season, and attending basketball games. She also volunteers at a mentorship program monthly to hopefully inspire and guide students to take charge of their learning.



Sanyukta is a designer who is excited to work on products that bring the world forward. She's had a mishmash of experiences - from working freelance, interning at a giant corporation and working at a design agency, to being an in-house brand and UX designer at a tiny startup.

Sanyukta enjoys cookouts with friends and family, traveling, collecting gorgeous cookbooks, putting a fried egg on everything and battling her Goodreads reading list.


User Research Lead

Todd leads Khan Academy's user research efforts to help the team build empathy with, and design for, the students, teachers, district leaders, and parents who use Khan Academy. He's been in education on and off during his career with stints at DePaul University's teaching and learning center and as an education volunteer for the US Peace Corps.

When he's not on school visits with Khan Academy users, Todd enjoys riding bikes, boxing, learning piano, and a fine whiskey (single large rock in it please). He's also a part time photographer and full-time Christmas enthusiast.


Software Engineer

Amos works on the infrastructure team at Khan Academy. Previously he helped create the Zope web framework and did a bunch of public art projects. He likes building kites and horsing around with his daughter.


Software Engineer

Alice is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning and quality education for all. Prior to Khan Academy, she specialized in marketing and business development before transitioning to software engineering.

Alice enjoys reading (especially SFF, Historical Fiction and YA, writing, traveling and being a foodie.



Felipe joined Khan Academy after an almost 20 year career working for the NBC Television stations in San Diego and in the SF Bay Area. He's won seven regional and one national Emmy award for his sports and investigative work and he's honored by the privilege to now be sharing the stories of Khan Academy with you.


Project Manager

Anmol manages Khan Academy's implementation in leading school chains in India. He joined Khan Academy as a Math video creator and is the voice behind Khan Academy's 'Hinglish' Math videos. Anmol is a graduate from NIT Trichy, India, and has worked in areas involving management, support, training, content creation & teaching.


Math Lead

Ashish joined Khan Academy in 2017 with a dream of making world-class math content aligned to Indian curriculum. He tries to inspire students with his videos and exercises.

Before Khan Academy, he spent a few years mentoring school students for IITJEE and graduate students for CAT.

He never finishes any conversation without at least trying to be funny.


VP of Engineering

Marta leads the engineering team in building learning experiences that provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Marta taught math before developing software and is excited to now combine her passions in service to the Khan Academy mission. In the meantime, she held multiple leadership roles at HP, Intuit, and SCI Solutions. Marta holds a BA in Mathematics (Kent State University, an MS in Mathematics (University of Illinois, and an MS in Computer Science,(University of Minnesota).


Product Analyst

Austin's self-stated life goal is to learn everything about everything. Since that might take a while, he's starting with the fun stuff.

Using skills acquired during undergrad at Stanford (game theory and risk aversion, a Masters of Analytics program at Northwestern (predictive algorithms, and a two-year stint as a Data Scientist at Facebook (Python programming, Austin spent a year-long sabbatical perfecting a model that helps him choose which kicker to draft for his fantasy football team. It performs 3% better than the baseline and is likely his crowning achievement.


Product Manager

Julia is a Product Manager, focusing on scaling the impact of Khan Academy. She was previously a Product Manager at Edmodo. Julia has a BA from UC Berkeley, an EdM from Harvard, and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Julia started her career in education as a classroom teacher.


Security Architect

Diana helps keep Khan Academy and its learners safe. She is a problem solver and an optimizer. She is always looking for alternate routes to take.

Diana spends her free time hiking or skiing the mountains of Colorado, depending on the season. When it's rainy, she enjoys board games with friends.


Director of School Partnerships

Jason was a former classroom teacher and technology coordinator. He ran Yahoo!’s Kids and Education businesses after leaving teaching, and has been working at various education, gaming, and entertainment startups over the past decade.


Head of Data Insights

Kelli is a research scientist who is passionate about solving problems by gathering and analyzing data. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Kelli spent 10 years at Pearson researching the impact of professional development on teacher practice and student outcomes. She also headed up international impact evaluation studies for K12 at Pearson. Before Pearson, she spent a few years at one of the Regional Educational Labs and a small edtech consulting firm conducting program evaluations of various technology initiatives. Her Ph.D. and M.A. are in education from UCLA and her B.A. is in psychology and statistics from the University of Pittsburgh.



Joelle works on Khan Academy Kids as an illustrator for the in app books.

She is passionate about character design and illustration for mediums such as film, video games, books, and comics. She also has a love for dance, which she believes brings a unique point of view as she works! Along with dance, she finds inspiration among pastel colors, circus arts, astrology, and confectionaries (especially ice cream, which all make their way into her work in some form or another.

She considers the characters in KA Kids to be her children.


Product Manager

Grace is on the Khan Academy Kids team and is excited to build educational experiences for the youngest learners. She is passionate about early education and technology, eagerly combining the two to expand learning opportunities for all.

Before joining Khan Academy, she studied Cognitive Science, Japanese, and Early Education at UCLA.


Software Engineer

Jeff has been developing software since he was ten (with breaks for food, sleep, etc.). His aim when engineering is to make things easy to get right and hard to get wrong.

Originally from England, Jeff is based out of Austin, TX, where he lives with his two cats, Barry and Shaun. When not writing code, Jeff enjoys playing videogames, writing songs, and talking about going to the gym soon.


Math Content Creator

Jeff taught high school math and AP Statistics for 10 years in Kalamazoo, MI before coming to Khan Academy to join the content team. When he's not creating math and stats content, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, cooking, learning new things, playing fetch with his cat, and solving math problems for pure fun and glory.


Shawn Jansepar

Group Engineering Manager

Shawn first developed a passion for education by watching Sal's TED talk, which led him to become a TA at a coding bootcamp and teaching a course on Web Application Development at Simon Fraser University. Coming full circle, he now leads a team of Engineers building amazing education software for learners around the world!

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Shawn led Engineering at Mobify in Vancouver, growing it from a tiny startup to a large 100+ person team which was eventually acquired by Salesforce. When he's not building products, Shawn likes to go cycling, play hockey & video games, try new plant-based food, and travel! He received his Bachelors in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University.


Principal Designer

Erica believes in design as a tool for social change and seeks opportunities to work on things that make people’s lives better. Before joining Khan Academy, she served on the Hillary for America design team, built user-friendly government services at 18F, designed data literacy curricula at MIT's Civic Data Design Lab, and developed brands and interactive experiences at 2x4.


Principal Product Manager

Diana is a member of the PM team, working with engineering and design to build out Khan Academy’s experience for users. She’s currently focused on enabling district leaders to accelerate Khan Academy in the classroom.

Before Khan Academy, Diana held software PM roles at ProQuest Ebooks, metromile, and Financial Engines. In her spare time she enjoys going low tech--baking, sewing, hiking, rollerblading and the occasional yoga retreat.


VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

As VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Catherine leads the team responsible for expanding reach of Khan Academy via partnerships, including working with school districts and teachers to integrate Khan Academy into the school curriculum.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Catherine held leadership roles in sales & marketing at Quicken and at Intuit; she also previously worked in the strategy group at Charles Schwab and as a management consultant at McKinsey. Catherine has a BS in Chemical Engineering, a MS in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management, and a MBA from Stanford.


Product Manager

Paul works on the Khan Academy Kids team. He is thrilled to be creating fun educational experiences for little learners around the world. Paul's background includes a mix of product and classroom experience, and he's excited to bring those together at Khan Academy.


Engineering Director

Sujata comes to Khan Academy after many years developing and managing software initiatives in fintech. She helps the Coaching & Coached Learning engineering team work on creating new, impactful ways for teachers and students to use Khan Academy in the classroom.

Outside of work you will find her at local famers markets or hiking one of the many glorious Bay Area trails!


Director of Engineering

Paul joined Khan Academy in 2017 to lead DevOps and to ensure that the site runs really well and learners can count on it being available to them.

Prior to Khan Academy, Paul lead the building of many Enterprise applications and managed Cloud initiatives and technology at companies such as Intuit and Novell. He also spent over 10 years founding and building his own Internet startup’s. When not working with computers he pursues his passion of Squash, Windsurfing and flying Paramotors.


Senior QA Engineer

Mita is excited to join the engineering team at Khan Academy where she will focus on tools, infrastructure, automation and quality. Prior to KA, Mita has spent several years in the tech industry at Mentor Graphics, HP, Yahoo, Symantec and a start-up called Fireclick (aka Digital River). Mita has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University.

Mita is passionate about education and in her spare time likes to teach young children to code. She has been the co-coach of her son’s Robotic’s team for the past 5 years.

Mita loves to cook (only gourmet and preferably desserts!, exploring the world with her family and attending concerts - Lady Gaga, Sting, JT, Pink Flyod being her favorite ones.


Program Manager

Carina is a program manager for Khan Academy in Brazil and she is enthusiastic about social transformation through education. She has worked with LearnStorm, the Ambassadors' program and BNCC at Khan, and today she's responsible for the district partnerships program.

She was a teacher for 11 years and although she misses being in classrooms, she's happy to bring quality education in scale to Brazilian classrooms.



Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy is a mobile engineer working on the iOS and Android apps at Khan Academy. He's been building software of one sort or another for over 20 years.

When he's not reading about the latest trends in computing he spends his time with his wife, snowboarding, or running.


Vidhi Nayar

Sr. Manager - Marketing and Partnerships

Vidhi manages all things marketing and partnerships for India. With her masters in Marketing, she is intrigued by human psychology and what wires us to make the choices we do.

When not busy making a dent in the education landscape, she loves to spend her time reading, binge-watching shows, and feeding her creative appetite by learning new art forms.


Senior Market Manager, Perú

Ghis dreams that all Peruvian students use Khan Academy to access a better world-class education. Therefore, she works building alliances with the public and private sector, encouraging schools to use the platform as a useful tool for teachers.

Before joining Khan Academy, Ghis worked in the Ministry of Education and NGOs in Peru, participated in the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program in Georgetown University and loves to travel around the world.


SEO Manager

Anthony helps users across the world can find the free educational content on Khan Academy from search engines. Before arriving at Khan Academy, he spent time doing e-commerce SEO and consulting for a wide range of clients.

Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife Jenna and his two boys (Everett & Elias). Playing Nintendo, family board game night, watching a Vikings game or heading to the lake cabin are pretty typical plans for a weekend.


Amanda Campos

International Content Lead

Amanda believes that education is the key to a better future. She loves Khan Academy and is excited about bringing this high-quality content to the world. She leads the international teams responsible for content localization and local content creation.

Amanda has been working in Education for over 10 years. She has experienced many different roles, from educational franchise manager to teacher trainer, as well as being a mentor for teachers and school coordinators. In recent years she had been focusing on course material development, being an editor and member of the R&D department of an EFL publisher and franchiser.

Amanda holds a BA from PUC, an MBA from FGV, a graduate degree in teaching from SENAC, and a graduate degree in technology applied to education from PUC.


Software Engineer

Mark has always enjoyed learning, teaching and empowering others. Before joining Khan Academy, he designed and built software at companies such as Apple, TestFlight and Mobify. Mark is the creator of Factory Boy, a popular testing framework for Python, and has been published by the American Institute of Physics. He holds a BA in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

When not at his computer, you will often find Mark hiking, biking or climbing.


Senior Software Engineer

Miguel loves solving problems and writing software while listening to music. He also loves contributing to Open Source and spends a good amount of time trying to improve the JavaScript landscape.

When he is not writing code he is probably building or flying drones, BBQing, or watching Netflix.

Elle Van Buren

Marketing Manager

Elle is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in web development, SEM, SEO, email and social media marketing. She also dabbles in product marketing and data analytics at Khan Academy.

Outside of work, she's a gardener, conservation advocate, and an aspiring outdoor adventurist. Elle loves nature.


Senior Software Engineer

Neha loves to learn new things and teach everyone. When she is not nerding out on her laptop, she can be found reading, or baking or gardening.


Head of Community Giving

Jordan knows that people want to change the world. She heads up Community Giving so that more people can be part of our collective effort to provide a world class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy she was saving the world in a variety of ways and roles at The Nature Conservancy. She also has faint memories of years in public relations and communications for technology companies. She’s an addicted hiker and backpacker, intrepid traveler, serious shoe collector and strictly amateur wildlife spotter.


International Content / Localization Community Liaison

Anna is proud to work with a community of international volunteers and nonprofit organizations who translate and localize educational content to accelerate Khan Academy's mission of a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Anna held various product, program, and operations roles in the human rights, environmental, and global literacy programs at Benetech, and software consulting and data analysis roles at Manugistics.

Anna received a B.A. in Math, and a Master's degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, both from Cornell University.

When not working, Anna enjoys many types of music and dance, and spending time near the ocean whenever possible!


Senior Software Engineer

Adam enjoys making software bigger and faster. After working at Google and Microsoft, he's excited to help change the way eductation is delivered.

When not coding, Adam enjoys learning new things with his 5 kids.


Test Prep Content Creator

Before joining Khan Academy, Corey helped hundreds of students to improve their standardized test scores. He is very humbled by the fact that, through his work here at Khan, that number is now in the millions.

Corey enjoys the ocean, blues guitar, and stories of all shapes and sizes.


Software Engineer

Russell believes that good software can change lives. He strives to make his work fun to use and accessible to all. When not coding, he likes to go on trips and take many out of focus pictures.


Senior Software Engineer

Juan works on the Frontend infrastructure team. Passionate about Design systems, tooling and web performance.

Before joining Khan Academy, Juan worked in multiple companies in Colombia and Canada. When not coding, he likes biking, playing soccer and hanging out with his family.


Operations Specialist

Mansi joined Khan Academy India team in April 2018 as an Operations Specialist. Prior to Khan Academy, she has served as an Executive Assistant in the higher education sector for 8 years where she honed her skills in operations and event management, cross-departmental coordination, and helped in building organizational culture. In her free time, she likes to study culture as a concept and how it encompasses the range of human phenomena that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance.


Senior Software Engineer

Jordan is a life-long autodidact who would still be a rueful Starb*cks barista today if not for free and self-guided education. They are pleased as punch to be able to give back to this community.

When not coding, Jordan can be found flailing about gracelessly in a Vive VR headset.


Quality Engineer I

Sarah believes in lifelong learning. She earned an MA in English at Tennessee Technological University and taught college English in both the US and Asia prior to her career as a quality engineer. She is thrilled to continue supporting education through attention to detail in quality engineering at Khan Academy.

Sarah enjoys hiking, reading all the exhibit signs in museums, singing, and playing cooperative survival crafting computer games.


Learners Fund Manager

Karla believes in the power of education to change lives. At Khan Academy she is able to partner with supporters who share that belief to help secure the funding that enables a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Karla spent time in college access and teaching. She’s an avid traveler who is always planning her next solo trip and an active volunteer in her community. You’ll often find her coaching aspiring first-generation college students or participating in local initiatives aimed at creating a more equitable society.


Software Engineer

Alexis started making websites during the Flash and guestbook craze of the early 2000's and hasn't stopped since. In spite of those trying beginnings, today they focus on development to make the web and world a better place.

In the off hours, they enjoy Broadway shows, reading, and playing games of both the board and video variety


Senior Design Manager

Warren is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and tinkerer. He loves building things, tending to rare succulents, and spending time with his family.

Before joining Khan Academy, he helped lead design on projects at Vox Media, co-founded a non-profit newspaper, and built a civic startup called City2.

Sometimes he pretends to own single engine planes while chilling in Tehachapi.


Quality Engineering Manager

Vijay joined Khan Academy in May 2018 to lead the Quality Engineering team. Prior to Khan Academy, Vijay has led Quality Engineering teams at companies likes Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente & Kodak.

Outside work Vijay is a nature lover and also enjoys listening to music.


Spanish Senior Content Manager

Kat believes in education as a means to a better world. After earning her B.A. in Latin American Studies at Vassar College and working in education for over 10 years, she found a perfect niche at Khan Academy as its Spanish Content Manager. Having both taught in the classroom and worked in textbook publishing, she's delighted to be part of Khan's effort to bring innovative learning to students around the world.

Kat also believes travel is a means to a broader education and frequently embarks on trips with her family, who occupy the other half of her time!


Senior Software Engineer

Lilli is a Senior Software Engineer, maker, and artist. A mobile developer for over ten years, she joins Khan Academy to work on the iOS and Android apps.

In her free time, she's often playing on her phone, making something new, or taking her art installations on tour around the west coast and the world.


Analytics Architect

An loves to make data tidy.

Outside work, he ponders about why his two kids are unbearably adorable, and whether he is biased or not?


Production Artist

Angela is a Production Artist on the Khan Academy Kids team. She helps ensure the design quality of the artwork and content going into the Khan Academy Kids app. She is passionate about working on a mission-driven team to help create a free, fun, and educational experience for kids around the world.

When she's not making gifs of the Khan Academy Kids characters, she enjoys film photography, petting cats, and short walks to a coffee shop.


Senior Software Engineer

Jason is a full-stack web developer working on the learning platform team at Khan Academy. Before joining he spent his time building websites and mobile apps for Mobify and TripAdvisor.

When he's not at his computer he can be found in the great outdoors rock climbing, skiing, or hiking.


Senior Software Engineer

Boris is a python developer on the infrastructure team. Passionate about education, he also teaches at a coding bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada.

When he's not coding, he spends time bike touring, rock climbing, exploring new documentaries, and playing bad music to experiment with his audience.


Senior Quality Engineer

Hung has more than 17 years of experience in software quality assurance. Passionate and dedicated to releasing quality products, he is super excited to be part of Khan Academy and help give back to the community. He recently learned that his niece is actually using Khan Academy to prep for her SAT test. Prior to Khan Academy, Hung was a champion for product quality at LinkedIn for nearly 8 years. Outside of work, Hung enjoys spending time with his first baby boy and family,,followed by running, cycling and sipping on a cup of Philz coffee.


Principal Product Manager

Susan loves working with others to turn visions into reality. Before joining Khan Academy, Susan helped shape new product concepts and technologies at Amazon. Outside of work, she enjoys running local trails, hiking near the coast, consuming poetry, and editing photos on her smartphone. She believes in the future. She wishes you well.

Natália De Nadai

Brazil Math Content Creator

Before Khan Academy, Natália worked teaching math to students of a Foundation in Brazil, she graduated in Physics and Mathematics at Unicamp, one of the most renowned universities in Brazil. Passionate about people, education and technology she always seeks to unite these passions and at Khan Academy this is possible.

Outside of work, Natália likes to spend her time with family and friends and she is always looking for the next travel destination.

Ana Lúcia

Brazil Science Content Creator

Ana Lúcia holds a BA in Physics, a Master’s degree in Biophysics and a PhD in Biophysics and Biochemistry from USP. She has been working in Education as a teacher for over 15 years and with teacher training and capacity building since 2008.

When she’s not creating science content, she’s usually playing with her dogs, bicycling, cooking or going to the beach.


Director of Marketing

Dan’s responsible for getting the story about Khan Academy to teachers, parents, and learners around the world.

Outside of work Dan seeks adventure and learning. He enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and photography.

Paulo Bellé

Senior Marketing Manager Brazil

As a Marketing Manager at Khan Academy, I'm in charge of brand and communication for Brazil operation. Responsible for development of data-driven campaigns and cross-channel strategies (paid, social, email and PR) focused in bring and engage users to our platform.


Senior Accounting Manager, India

Sandi joined Khan Academy in August 2018 to head up the finance function in the Delhi, India office. Prior to joining us, Sandi was a consultant with Booksmart Solutions LLC and technical manager of the not-for-profit team at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). A first-generation college graduate, Sandi holds a masters degree in accounting from North Carolina State University and a certificate in nonprofit management from Duke University.

Outside of the office, Sandi enjoys travelling, playing flute and practicing yoga.


Software Engineer

Nada is passionate about education since she was TAing for computer science classes during college. After completing her internship at Khan Academy, Nada was eager to continue working with an incredible team that wants to provide free, world-class education to everyone, everywhere.

When she's not coding, Nada loves hanging out and playing games.


Group Engineering Manager

Jason joined Khan Academy in 2018 and loves working with talented, fun people solving important problems that have positive impact for customers. Jason built Intuit's QuickBooks, has experience building startups and recently lead front-end engineering at Financial Engines.

Away from work you can find Jason playing tennis, golf, ultimate frisbee, and hanging out with his family.


Director of US Academic Content

Adam has taught science to high school students and teachers in Cameroon, to college students at Colgate University, and to students all over the world as a curriculum designer and manager at IXL Learning. He earned his Masters degree while studying how DNA methylation affects the structure and function of chromatin, and his Doctoral degree while investigating the ecological and genetic consequences of polyploidy in flowering plants.

At Khan Academy, Adam leads the US Academic Content Team’s efforts to create world-class courses on topics in ELA, the Humanities, Math, and the Sciences. When he’s not doing that, you’ll likely find him riding a motorcycle with his pup sidekick Pistachio, flying a drone, or planning for the next road trip.


Science Content Creator

Lauren is a scientist-turned-educator who is excited to be creating chemistry content at Khan Academy! Before coming to Khan, Lauren was a curriculum designer at IXL, where she developed fun and engaging science lessons for middle school. Lauren holds a PhD in chemistry from Caltech.

In her spare time, Lauren loves to travel (40 countries and counting!, hone her cooking and baking skills, and hike all over the Bay Area.


Quality Engineer I

Robert is a software quality engineer with over 4 years of experience. Robert works with android, iOS and PC software and hardware.

He loves learning, is analytical, focused, and organized. When he is not working he loves spending time with his wife and son and playing obscure video games.


Operations Manager

Joe manages day-to-day office operations at Khan Academy including vendor management, events and real estate needs.

Away from the office he enjoys time with family, music, hobbies and yearly trips to his favorite beaches. Fan of breakfast burritos and proud minivan driver.


Math Content Creator

Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Kami joined the Khan Academy math team in 2018 from Erie, PA. She received her B.A. in Political Science and Psychology at Allegheny College and received her M.A. in Education from University of Colorado.

Before joining the Khan team, Kami was a teacher and instructional coach in the elementary grades in Colorado and Philadelphia. Kami enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and chasing around her daughter.


ELA Content Creator

Allison is part of the small but mighty team working to create ELA content. Before coming to Khan, Allison was a reading teacher, a literacy specialist, a librarian, and a literacy coach.

When she's not working, Allison loves to read (of course!, go to the beach, and cook.


Software Engineer

Kathy is excited to work at a place that is re-imagining education. Prior to KA, she worked at Intuit, Kayak, created the iPad apps RetirePlan, MathGraph and FactFamilies, and taught AP CS A Java to high school students.

Outside work Kathy likes reading, hiking, and politics.


Senior Quality Engineer

Ruslan is an automation engineer in the Quality Engineering team. Passionate about machine learning, blockchain and web developing.


Software Engineer

When not Python hacking, Aric can often be found hiking with a wolf pack.


Software Engineer

Matt has a lifelong passion for learning and education. His last gig before Khan Academy was at Ithaka, a not for profit serving academic institutions and researchers.

When he's not writing code, he can be found on the mountain bike trail.


Biology Content Creator

Megan is a science content creator at Khan Academy, specializing in biology. She has a PhD from UC Berkeley where she studied the molecular mechanisms by which bacteria cause diseases in plants. Megan loves thinking about how best to teach biology concepts, and is excited to help learners discover a passion for science through her work at Khan Academy.


Office Manager at Khan Academy Kids

Aimee supports the Khan Academy Kids team as their Office Manager. She manages daily operations, snack stocking, and office organization. Aimee is a former Pre-K teacher and loves being on a team that's committed to equalizing educational opportunities for our youngest learners.

Aimee enjoys reading, cooking, and taking her dogs to the park. She is originally from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


Senior Software Engineer

Angelo is a frontend focused engineer that is passionate about delivering awesome products that truly benefit users.

Outside of the office, you may find Angelo transmitting on Amateur Radio frequencies (KK6LDH, letting magic smoke out of electronics, futzing with his cars, or off in the mountains camping.


Software Engineer

Adam is a software developer with a passion for building useful and understandable user experiences. Before working at Khan Academy he built software for several companies in the US and Germany.

In his free time, Adam likes to read, play video games, and travel.

Aviv Weiss

Teacher Community Program Manager

Aviv works on strengthening, elevating and celebrating our community of practice through our Khan Academy Ambassador Program and Teach With Khan educator communities. Given her background teaching and coaching in the NYC school system, Aviv especially enjoys partnering with Khan educators to develop resources for differentiating instruction, engaging students, and driving both teacher and student ownership around learning and growth mindset.

When not in conversation with teachers, Aviv can be found on a yoga mat, running in the park, or reading.


Michelle Six

Engineering Manager

As the daughter of a mad scientist, Six feels it's her mission to bring order to chaos while spreading fun. A long time Silicon Valley veteran, she's worked at diverse companies from Apple to Napster.

In her spare time, Six enjoys writing science fiction, making video games, and writing short autobiographies in the third person.


Senior Software Engineer

Liz is a backend developer with previous experience working on large scale products at AWS. She's passionate about learning and excited to join the Learning Platform team at Khan Academy.

In her spare time Liz does search and rescue with King County, paints, and attempts to keep up with her massive backlog of books to read.


Software Engineer

Salman is a Computer Engineering graduate from Rutgers University - New Brunswick. He loves to play sports like basketball, volleyball, and squash in his free time.


Brazil Portuguese Fellow

Carolina is excited to work on the Portuguese course in order to help Brazilian students increase their knowledge and gain confidence. She has degrees in both Portuguese and English and a Master Degree in Education, all from the University of Sao Paulo. Prior to joining Khan Academy, she spent 8 years working as a textbook editor and author.

Carolina is grateful for all of the educational opportunities she has had and wishes to help provide better educational opportunities to as many people as possible.



Irene is a designer on the Marketing, Product and Philanthropy team. She works on projects that help maintain and develop Khan Academy’s brand and visual language.

When she’s not giving her pup Didi belly rubs, you’ll find her selling second hand clothes on Postmark or watching anime on Crunchyroll.


Head of Partnerships, Khan Academy Kids

Sophie works to make sure Khan Academy Kids is used by little learners everywhere.

Prior to this, she worked on scaling Khan Academy, and in between, she did a stint at grad school. For this, she has been crowned a Khan Academy Boomerang. Achievement unlocked!

She has degrees in politics, law, and public policy.


Test Prep Content Creator

After receiving his M.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Duo has been everything from a pastry cook to a futures broker. Right before joining Khan Academy, he was the Director of Curriculum at Academic Approach, a tutoring and test prep company in Chicago.

When he is not developing test prep content, Duo serves as board member and treasurer of the audio drama nonprofit HartLife NFP, cooks for humans (and sometimes cats, and tries to be low-key entertaining in life. He loves precise measurements and other people's secrets, and he probably likes you.


Software Engineer

Cat has a degree in Psychology, and taught ESL in South Korea and worked in Special Education before beginning to study software engineering as a hobby. Working at Khan Academy allows her to develop her passion for software and continuous learning while still giving back to students.

Cat’s other interests include reading and listening to audiobooks, going on outdoor adventures with family and friends, picking up new hobby projects, and sometimes even finishing them.

Michael Chanover

Vice President of Design

Michael Chanover is the vice president of design. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Michael served as the vice president of design and user experience at NerdWallet, where he led a team of designers, researchers, and writers across product design, research, and brand toward solutions that enabled consumers to make financial decisions with confidence.

Michael also previously served as vice president of design at Shopkick, a mobile loyalty platform; chief creative officer for Fingerprint, a gaming platform; and vice president of product for the Alsop-Louie portfolio company, Kidlandia. Michael was the global creative director of web and brand at the educational toy company, LeapFrog Enterprises, where he led brand and user experience design. Michael spent four years in the San Francisco and New York offices of Frogdesign as executive producer and general manager.

Michael was the recipient of the UNESCO Design for Rehabilitation Award and has lectured, written, and taught on the subject of design. He holds a BFA in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design and is an adjunct professor in the interaction design department at the California College of the Arts.


Technical Recruiter

Amy is a technical recruiter that loves all things food, cats, video games, and internet meme related. Before joining Khan Academy, she studied Psychology and also went to Culinary School for Baking and Pastry.

Sidnei Shibata

Country Manager Brazil

Sidnei has joined as Country Manager for Khan Academy Brazil to lead our local partnerships and programs and scale up our operation to reach increasingly more learners in the coming years. He brings experience from Telecommunications, Technology, and Management Consulting industries and holds an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School and a BS in Electronics Engineering from ITA.


Senior Manager Social Media

Stephanie loves all things social media and online community. She leads the social team that brings out the joy for Khan Academy's virbant community of learners, teachers, and parents.✨

She gets to tell stories for her day job. Reads stories for leisure. Finds stories by exploring with her husband and their big, floofy dog.


Senior Software Engineer

Dave is a backend engineer working on the infrastructure team. He's an advocate of high quality comprehensive code. Before coming to Khan Academy, he worked at JSTOR

In his free time, you can usually find Dave playing with his kids, reading a book, watching a movie, playing video games, or cooking. Possibly all at the same time.


Senior Software Engineer

Steve is a full stack developer working on the districts and rostering team. He brings an infectious enthusiasm, a commitment to continual learning, an empathic orientation, and a breadth of technical experience. He strives to make a safe, accessible environment, where everyone is appreciated for their contributions and can reach their full potential. Since building software is an inherently communicative art, he strongly believes sprinkling in bad puns makes for better software [citation needed]. Before coming to Khan Academy, he worked at JSTOR and the University of Michigan.

Outside of work, he has three wonderful kids and a room full of board games.


Carolina Salazar

Caro Salazar

Program Manager, Localization - Spanish

Carolina holds a B.A. in Spanish from UCLA. She has worked in localization for over a decade and she's been interested in education her entire life. Starting her career as a translator, moving into project management and localization, she now works at Khan Academy managing our Spanish localization program, ensuring our content reaches learners all over the world!

Outside of work, Caro enjoys spending time with family (including her two cats, Oliver and Nene, and her dog, Milla), traveling, hiking and cooking.


Senior Software Engineer

Dave is a web developer who enjoys solving complex problems and working with smart, passionate people to get the job done. Before joining Khan Academy Dave has worked in the E-Commerce and Higher Education spaces.

When not working, Dave enjoys board games, DIY projects, and spending time with his wife and two kids.


Philanthropy Lead (India)

Amri leads the philanthropy function in Khan Academy India. She's a huge advocate for the incredible potential that is possible in the country, and can't wait to see the fundamental shift that KAI will create. Prior to joining KAI, Amri headed the Corporate Social Responsibility function in Convergys Pvt Ltd. Amri also had her own education start-up for ten years, being one of the first organizations to introduce soft skills into the Indian school curriculum. She has a MBA from the University of London and a Genetics degree from the University of British Columbia.

Outside of work, Amri loves to read, bike, and constantly has a running to-do list for every part of her life!


Security Engineer

Ioana works on the security team, helping to keep Khan Academy's learners safe. She first interned at Khan Academy in 2017, then came back for another internship the following summer, and finally joined full-time in 2019!

Prior to joining Khan Academy, she studied Combinatorics & Optimization and Philosophy at the University of Waterloo. Outside of work, you'll probably find her either baking or eating baked goods.


Software Engineer

Tony is a web engineer on the Learning Platform team. His passion for education has led him to Khan Academy where he now helps deliver personalized experiences for learners everywhere!

When he isn’t building software, you may find him sketching, fiddling with photography, binge watching shows, or having the time of his life at the nearest Disney theme park.


Product Designer

Liz is a Designer on the Classroom team, supporting teachers who use Khan Academy in schools around the world.

Before Khan Academy, she worked on the Summit Learning Program at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and led Design at a small civic finance startup.

Liz spends most of her non-working hours outside with her husband and 2 dogs (Australian Shepherds, or with the many cacti and succulents they collect together.


Software Engineer

Jennifer is a software engineer on the Districts team. Before joining Khan Academy she helped build mobile websites at Mobify.

When she's not working you can find Jennifer spending time with her family, re-watching one of her favourite shows or listening to true crime podcasts.



Sr. Content Manager, Sciences

Desirée is excited to lead Khan Academy's development of high-quality science courses. She has a background in genetics research as well as science education, and she has worked and studied at UC Berkeley, UCSF, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and IXL Learning. In her free time, she's usually wandering around San Francisco, looking at birds.


Senior Software Engineer

Dave started his technical career in networking and internet security. Having always wanted to be an educator he has refocused his efforts towards online educational resources and he couldn't be happier! Dave studied math and computer science and is very excited to combine the two building data and analytics platforms.

When not at work Dave enjoys family time, board games, card games, tutoring, riding his bike. Dave is also an organizer the Detroit Devops Days conference and his neighborhood community theater.


Software Engineer

Nisha is a software engineer who studied math and computer science at UC San Diego. She is enthusiastic about accessibility and internationalization.

Nisha also enjoys traveling, video games, and petting cats. You can catch her periodically trying to learn new languages (although she's still not fluent in any yet).


Principal People Ops

Karishma manages People Ops and is the 'go to' person for our Khan Academy India team. She is passionate about building and supporting the team to be driven, feel engaged and live our awesome Khan culture and values. Before joining Khan Academy, she was a freelance HR consultant and prior to that with Aon. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, exploring different cuisines and is an amateur saxophonist.


Kristen DiCerbo

Chief Learning Officer

As our Chief Learning Officer, Kristen ensures our offerings at Khan Academy are based on solid research about how people learn. She also leads our content team who create all the videos, articles, and exercises you see on the site. Kristen has spent her career trying to find ways that technology can help more learners learn more


Senior Software Engineer

Ben previously worked at Pivotal, where he cultivated his enthusiasm for writing clean, well-tested programs. He's excited to be helping build the future of Khan Academy's test prep products. When he's not programming, he spends his time running, cooking enormous amounts of vegetarian food, drinking tea, and playing board games. He is the author of several unpopular open source projects.


Software Engineering

Yash is excited to be back at Khan Academy as his first step into post-graduate life. Some of his hobbies include traveling and cooking, but mostly he loves to explore and learn new things. He is looking forward to working with this incredible team on impactful projects and to grow as an engineer along the way.


Compensation and Benefits Manager

Crystal strategizes and leads total rewards programs to help the Khan Team be their best selves.

Outside of work, Crystal can be found spending time chasing after her toddler and attempting to train her husband to be a better Instagram husband. She enjoys going on photowalks, traveling, exotic birds, cooking recipes from NY Times, looking at art and design aesthetics, and gardening.


Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy has previously worked in e-commerce and fintech. Now looking for a career with more meaning, he works on delivering performant systems to power Khan Academy's free education platform. Outside of work, he enjoys building things out of wood for his kids and trying to produce edible nutritious food in the kitchen.


Senior Designer

Talia is a Senior Designer living in Portland, OR. Her interests outside of design include outdoor adventuring, nature stuff, eating a lot of food, art stuff, and hanging out with her dogs (Mabel and Trout).


Senior Engineering Manager

Leith thinks that learning new things and writing software are difficult. At Khan Academy, he hopes to help both become more fun, more accessible and maybe even a tad bit easier.


Software Engineer

Sam enjoys solving problems with people and, when appropriate, with computers. He has had the opportunity to devlop software for things separated by 10s of nanometers as well as 10,000s of kilometers.

Away from work you might find him enjoying doing just about anything outside.


Senior Software Engineer

Jeanette is a full stack web developer who loves bringing awesome and accessible user experiences to life.

Outside of work she is many things, including a cat parent, a beginner ice hockey player, and a board game enthusiast.

Meagan Naboulsi

District Partnerships Manager


Senior Software Engineer

Alex is a full stack engineer interested in web performance and data visualization.

Outside of work she enjoys identifying native plants, admiring residential architecture and writing poems about bugs.

Juan Felipe


Product Designer

Juan is a product designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Previously, he lived in Massachusetts, previous to that, he lived in South Florida, and previous to that, he lived in Colombia. When not designing, you will usually find him exploring the city, normally at a park or museum.


Quality Engineer

Michael joins the team as a Quality Engineer having been a web and mobile automation engineer for several years prior. He has automated hundreds of tests for dozens of products and enjoys seeing green results. He has had a passion for teaching and learning since he was in elementary school and is excited to be able to contribute to that mission at Khan Academy.

In his free time, Michael has many hobbies including (but not limited to): playing the guitar, drums, 3d printing, photography, and videography - and enjoying/making memes. If given the opportunity, he would probably eat cheeseburgers every day.



Eric enjoys solving problems, learning new things and helping others. At Khan Academy he is focused on devops.

Outside of work, Eric is active in his local community and schools. He enjoys running, hiking and sailing.


Principal Efficacy and Research

Priyanka Sharma, Ph.D. is responsible for driving Efficacy and Research initiatives at Khan Academy India. She has 18 years of experience in education & research, especially in the field of educational testing & measurement. Prior to joining Khan Academy, she was Senior Research Advisor at National Testing Agency under Dept of Higher Ed, Ministry of Education, Govt of India. She has also led research functions at Pearson, and Centre for Assessment, Evaluation & Research, Central Board of Secondary Education, India. At Pearson, she served as TDM for COE-India, a unit of PAC, US, and E&R Lead.

Priyanka loves to learn the spirit of inquiry from young ignited minds.

Paul Cerda

Senior Product Manager Content Platform

I spent 10 years as a classroom teacher, 12+ years in globalization and now I get to do both at Khan Academy. I work with the content platform team to bring high-quality educational content to students and independent learners around the world.

Dibyendu Tapadar


Product Manager - School Enablement

Dibyendu joined Khan Academy in December 2020. He works on crafting products and programs to drive high fidelity use of learning resources. He has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and prior to Khan Academy he has worked as Product Manager in Automobile and Healthcare sector. Outside work Dibyendu likes traveling, cooking, sketching, playing string instruments and following football.


Emily Janzer

Senior Software Engineer

Emily is a software engineer on the learning platform team. Before joining Khan Academy, she was on the React Native core team at Facebook. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, baking bread, and playing video games.


Software Engineer

Reid cares deeply about education, accessibility, and building experiences that reach as many people as possible and make their lives easier – so he's thrilled to be working at Khan Academy!

He grew up in NY, studied film & computer science in school, and worked for a few big tech companies before joining Khan Academy. Outside of work, he likes word games, learning new things, building DIY projects, and exploring the city.


Diana Olin

Senior Legal Counsel

Diana participates in the Khan Academy community as a lawyer collaborating across teams, holding a BA in Sociology from Pomona College and JD from UCLA School of Law.

She gravitates towards the authentic connection cultivated in improv courses, the playful joy in dance like Zumba, the kinetic energy of immersion in live music, the glee of gazing at local birds, the constructive discomfort of vulnerageous learning, and the meaning created in intimate gatherings.



Software Engineer II

All organic, free ranged boi (but I do love In N Out burger). Bake a lot of chocolate chip cookies, play too much Valorant, and have a passion for personal finance. Roth IRA, 401K, mutual funds, etc. Personal finance is the key to a happy life.


Mahtab Sabet

Software Engineer

Mahtab is a Software Engineer on the Content Platform team at Khan Academy. In their spare time they like to sing, play music, go on walks in nature, watch Star Trek, and find new vegan restaurants to try. Their dream job is to be on Broadway.

Jack Zhang

Zhiyi Zhang

Software Engineer

Jack has been working as a prolific software engineer in the North Carolina area and has worked on many enterprise web applications.

In his free time, Jack can be found cooking new things in his kitchen, lifting and putting down heavy objects at the gym, and catching up on his favorite NBA teams.


Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

Walt is focused on maintaining and enhancing the data infrastructure at Khan Academy. He has a background in data science, music, and nonprofits. In his free time Walt loves to read, travel, cook for his family, and listen to and write music.



Talent Partner

Jess is a diversity talent strategist, recruiter, and overall talent geek!


Project Manager - School Enablement

Revanth works in the Schools Team at Khan Academy - India. Before this, he worked with Teach For India and also has a Master's degree in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. In his free time, Revanth loves listening to Carnatic music, reading fiction, and watching movies.


Alex Morelli

Software Engineer

Alex has long admired Khan Academy and its mission - including using it to homeschool his two daughters - and is thrilled to finally be a part of making it even better.

Before Khan Academy, Alex worked in software consulting and the semiconductor industry at Texas Instruments. Outside of software, Alex is usually with his family playing video/board games or hiking.

Pratap Vardhan

Principal Data Scientist

Pratap is helping Khan Academy make better decisions with data to improve learner outcomes.

Pratap is passionate about building interfaces that help people tell stories using technology and data. Previously, he helped built data products for the likes of Reuters, Novartis and Govt. of India. In his free time, he loves exploring India through data.


Senior Content Program Manager

Maria is a Sr. Content Program Manager, helping to lead the day-to-day operations of the US Content team. She has spent the last several years trying to learn and master the art and science of project and program management. Her expertise lies in helping to build out teams, streamline processes, and making sure everyone feels connected to the people around them and the work they’re doing.

Outside of work, she is a wife to her wonderful husband and a fur mom to her very spoiled dog, named Yoda.



Lead - Teacher Professional Development

Rohit loves training and facilitation, and he currently leads Teacher Professional Development at Khan Academy India. Before Khan Academy, he has worked in whole-school transformation, school leadership coaching, building the capacity of teachers, school leaders, govt officials, and volunteers.

In his free time, Rohit enjoys running, playing chess, singing, and listening to music. His simple pleasures include (but are not limited to) having masala chai around a peaceful place in the morning, organising his house & doing dishes.

Prachi Luthra

Senior Partner Success Manager, School Enablement Team

Prachi works for driving and deepening the usage of Khan Academy in government school systems in Indian States. Prachi is a policy graduate from IIM Bangalore, and has worked both at the policy-level with the Ministry of Education and at the ground level in Teach for India classrooms. Outside work, Prachi loves exploring new cuisines/places and is a plant and animal lover.


Senior Technical Program Manager - Data

Mary is a Technical Program Manager with a passion for collaborating with business and technical teams to solve complex problems, deliver quality products, and improve the user experience.

Outside of work, Mary can be found hiking, riding her bike, or walking on the beach with her trusty sidekick pup, Finn.



Tim McCabe

Timothy McCabe

Software Engineer II

Tim is a full-stack dev and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, who now lives in the suburbs of Cincinnati with their cat. They enjoy making music (🎤🎸), playing video games (mostly indie titles and Nintendo games), helping with animal rescue (🐕🐈), and brewing coffee (usually iced). As a lifelong lover of learning and a longtime advocate for nonprofit organizations, they could not be more excited to write software for Khan Academy!


Commeownications Specialist

Jasper facilitates a culture of open, continuous feedback on whether he has received enough pets and attention today (he has not). He's passionately committed to the Khan Academy mission of providing free, world-class snuggles to anyone, anywhere. His hobbies include napping in the sunshine, playing fetch, and experimenting with living room parkour.


Chief Engineer, Adventures

Phryne, named for a character from Australian television, is a cattle dog/Catahoula mix who enjoys ADVENTURES. At Khan Academy, she heads up our Washington Bureau, leading teammates on long excursions into Rock Creek Park, from the Capitol Ruins to Peirce Mill. Possessed of inexhaustible energy, she always wants to explore, encouraging our learners and her reports to push themselves to discover new things and places.

In addition to running through the woods, exploring D.C., and barking at lobbyists, Phryne enjoys the art of the snug, and is learning to play what she thinks is football. She would love to meet you.


Official Treat Tester

As the Official Treat Tester, Alfie takes pride in making sure that each treat is high quality and tasty. He even tests each treat several times before giving them the stamp of approval. He’s very detail oriented and thorough! Alfie also likes to check in with his teammates and go on walks to get exercise during the workday.

When Alfie is not in the office, he is making new friends, going on hikes, enjoying time in his backyard, and snoozing.


Most Loyal Friend

Bell, affectionately known as Fatty T (from her benign fatty tumor growing on her neck) is a tiny beagle with a big heart. She loves being pet behind the ears, on her tummy, and would love it if her human would stay in bed all day because she'd prefer to live her life under the covers, snuggling. During the day, she can be found co-working in her human's office, wearing a hole in her pad with her tiny paws.


Purr Programmer

Shadow works with Nick at Khan Academy as a purr programmer. Shadow also ensures sustainable working practices through investing in breaks that involve lots of petting or playing a game of chase the laser.

Shadow models excellent sustainable behavior by thinking through hard problems with a good nap followed by a casual stroll around the house.

Alexander Mango Flexer

CTO (Chewy Toy Obliterator)

Alexander Mango Flexer, aka Sandy, performs double duty at Khan Academy Kids. He keeps the founders and their kids sane during the day, by providing much needed affection and entertainment. At night, he designs and implements most of the Khan Kids functionality, happily giving credit to his owners who can barely tie their shoe laces.

His father is the famed Australian labrador architect Atoni Daugi, while his mother is the platinum-selling hip-hopping poodle Beyonce Growles.


Leader of the Pack

Barcelona AKA in the San Francisco dog parks as “Barci”, is half German Shepherd and half Siberian Husky. She likes to think she’s the Alpha of the #khanofficedogs. During the week you can find her underneath the desk of our Video Manager, kindly accepting belly scratches and giving hi-fives in return. On the weekends, she’s dragging her human through Golden Gate Park, chasing squirrels. She swears she’s gonna get one, one of these days!

Nora and Astra

Feline-Canine Relations

These are Nora and Astra. They work from home with Julia in San Francisco, making guest appearances in Google Hangouts.


Occupawtional Therapist

Shaun Of The Dead works in Austin, Texas with his brother, Barry, and Jeff. When not extensively nap-testing space under the bed or atop the cat tree, Shaun prefers one-on-one time for extensive physical therapy primarily focused on the belly and ears. Shaun also likes to use his paws to provide arm with just enough claws to get attention. Shaun would like you to know, that chair is his.


Chief Opurrating Officer

Barry From EastEnders works with Jeff and Shaun from their Austin, Texas home. Barry ensures that important operational tasks are not forgotten, including but not limited to treat distribution, water fulfillment, and occupational therapy time. He also makes it a priority to check for cable manufacturing flaws through extensive chew tests, requesting that Jeff practice his sofa fort building, and overseeing all kitchen operations from his favourite stool. His office includes a, sofa fort, space on Jeff’s shoulders, and Jeff’s lap.


Hi! I am Leia. I am from India and I live with my mum, dad and sis.


Chief Purrformance Analyst

Smokey is Khan Academy’s Chief Purrformance Analyst, making sure that laps stay warm and treats get eaten. When he’s not making conference call cameos, he’s sleeping on the bed, sleeping on the window seat, or sitting perfectly still in Lilli’s lap as she’s working, happy to keep her company as she codes.

In his spare time, he likes to chase strings and beg for snacks. If he’s feeling ultra-mellow, you can find him sitting quietly, keeping an ever-watchful, unflagging eye on the snack drawer. A stoic fella in his older years, he will gladly welcome pets from anyone, any time, hardly moving an inch from wherever he may be lazing, and never, ever scratching or biting.


Pawgram Director

Pistachio is Khan Academy’s Pawgram Director for Morale, where she spends her days cultivating joy and coordinating khantentment. Usually, one look from her puppy dog eyes is all it takes to bring out the joy. But when needed, she’ll roll over for a belly rub or offer up a high-five and some cuddles to spread an extra dose of khantentment.

She spends her breaks napping in (or jumping into) laps, snacking on carrots, broccoli, and cheese, or playing with Chief Mischief Officer Bo. Outside of work, she finds happiness on motorcycle rides with Adam that end at new parks or hiking trails.


Chief Carrot Officer

Didi is a connoisseur of carrots and will not stop once he starts giving you kisses.


Handsome Rogue

Loki was found as an abandoned puppy in a box in Northern Quebec. When his Guardians adopted him from the shelter, he was a very anxious boy. With lots of love, training and hard work, he has grown into a very calm and mature dog - though he does still like to be a bit mischievous.


Sr. Pawgram Manager

As the Sr. Pawgram Manager, he leads the distribution of treats within teams and makes sure everyone feels loved. Outside of Khan Academy, he likes to chase squirrels and boss his parents around.


Chief Roaching Officer

This is Thor. He is a 6.5 year old retired racing greyhound. During his career as a professional athlete, he ran 82 races - placing 1st in 13 and 2nd in 10. He's thoroughly enjoying retirement and volunteering every Friday at Khan Academy.

Khan Academy has also received the time, energy, and expertise of many past team members, volunteers, and part-time contributors.

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